Admissions Counseling


For students who first come to us as middle schoolers or as ninth, tenth, or eleventh graders, we begin with a one-hour evaluation. In advance of this evaluation, we request a student’s transcript, any testing they’ve completed, a list of extracurriculars, Naviance log-in information (if your child has a Naviance account), etc. During this evaluation, we put together a plan so that your child is sure to max out on his or her school’s courses, fill in any gaps he or she may have (that you may not know about), take courses outside of his or her school (if necessary), know which exams to take and when to take them, and — if the student is in eleventh grade — come up with an appropriate list of colleges. In so doing, we would also develop an academic and extracurricular strategy that will make your child as competitive as can be to the colleges to which he or she will eventually apply. Whether you proceed with our assistance with the college application process or not, you will come away from this one-hour evaluation with invaluable insight into the process. One very common comment we hear subsequent to this one-hour evaluation is: “Everything I thought I knew was wrong.”